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Volunteer Registration & Training

There are a few steps necessary to get you ready to volunteer! AYSO strives to provide every volunteer with the best possible soccer learning experience. Every position in AYSO is provided with extensive training to help successfully manage a Region from coaches, referees, managers and administrators. AYSO’s coaching program features an innovative, age–appropriate curriculum, including in-person and online courses, interactive manuals, weekly training plans and online video demonstration content.

Please view the chart to see which training is needed per position:
Volunteer PositionBackground CheckSafeSportSafe HavenConcussionSudden CardiacOnline Role-Specific TrainingIn Person/Field Training
Head CoachYesYesYesYesYesPlayground, U6, U8U10, U12, U14
Assistant CoachYesYesYesYesYesPlayground, U6, U8U10, U12, U14
Team ParentYesYesYesNoNoNoNo
 Division CoordinatorYesYesYesYesYesDivision CoordinatorMeeting TBD
Youth RefereeNoNoYesYesYesYesYes
Event HelperNoNoNoNoNoNoInfo Meeting TBD
Field Setup / Take downNoNoNoNoNoNoYes (Meeting Date TBD)

The steps are outlined below, please email [email protected] with questions!

1. Registration: Go to our website at and register/create an account. Once you've registered, or if you are already registered, click on the 'Volunteer' tab on the left hand side. Then choose 'Find Volunteer Roles'. You may need to select 'New Fall 2023 Player Registration'. You will want to select your volunteer role in your specific division. Then choose 'Sign up a Registered User' and choose yourself. Then please complete the volunteer registration.

*If you are registering someone else as a volunteer please do the following: Click 'Sign up a New User'. Then press continue. As you fill out the info for someone else you need to put a different email address then the one you registered yourself with (ie. if you are registering your son as a youth referee, you need to put in an email address for him - NOT YOUR email address.) When you finish entering the info, you'll click 'Invite User and Continue'. This will then send an email to the 'New User' asking them to create an account for themselves. This volunteer will be linked to your account. DO NOT sign up a NEW user with the YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. This confuses the system and won't log the training to the right account. Please call if you have questions - 775-250-1343.

2. Background Check: Once you've completed your volunteer registration an email will be sent to you from Sterling Volunteers requesting a background check. Please complete this. (Please check your SPAM folder for the email. If you cannot find the email or your Risk Status is still 'Pending' after 7 days, please contact Sterling Volunteers at  [email protected] or 855-326-1860, Option 3 (8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST).

3. SafeSport Training: Youth Referees DO NOT take this course. This is required by the United States. To access the link to SafeSport, please log into your account, go to the 'Volunteer' tab. On the top of the page there is a section that says 'Important Information', click on the down arrow. This will populate a section on SafeSport with a link to the SafeSport website. Please complete this.

4. AYSOU Training: You can access the required training courses by logging into our website, going to the 'Volunteer' tab and clicking on the 'AYSOU' button to the right of your name. If you do not see this button, please let me know.

AYSOU is housed on a separate site, pressing the 'AYSOU' button will take you to the site. If the new site gives you an error, then please log out of your account and log back in. This should fix the system.

Once in the site, click on the tab on the left that says 'Training Library'. Please enroll in the following training:

Under the Safe Haven Category: (Expiration: Every 3 years)

Click 'View Courses' under the 'Safe Haven' category. You will need to complete the following courses:

  • AYSO's Safe Haven - Online

  • CDC Concussion Awareness - Online

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Online

Under the Coaching Category: (Expiration: Good for life)
Click 'View Courses' under the 'Coaching' category. You will need to complete the course that corresponds to the division you are volunteering for. U10, U12 and U14 have an online and in person portion to their course.

Under the Refereeing Category: (Expiration: Good for life)
Click 'View Courses' under the 'Refereeing' section. You will need to complete the Regional Referee - Online + In-Person Companion Course (2 Part Bundle). Please view the. in person training session below. If you want to referee U8 games ONLY, then please enroll in the 8U Official Course - Online.

We know that this seems like a lot but we do everything we can to make sure that our players are safe and trained in an age/developmentally appropriate way. We encourage you to look at this opportunity to better our organization, community and your self!

Please complete this training by before the in person training.

In person training sessions:

Regional Referee Field Training (Part 2):

You must register for the class before attending. To do so, long into your account, go to 'Volunteer' tab, then click on 'AYSOU' button. Next click on the 'Training Event' tab and search for 'Region 1258'. Then look for the classes listed on the specific dates below.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Training Coordinator - Erick Franco [email protected]
Coach Administrator - Bob Lopez [email protected]
Referee Administrator - Rob Erekson [email protected]

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